You will see your child develop an enormous amount of skills right before your very eyes.


You will see your child develop an enormous amount of skills right before your very eyes.
All children achieve developmental milestones at a different time, in a different way, and in a different order. At Palm Beach, toddlers will acquire certain skills before most one year-olds will, and enjoy a loving and learning environment at the same time.

Fun Nurturing Environment

The caregivers at our school will provide your toddler with a loving and caring environment while developing lessons to incorporate FUN!  Singing, dancing, and role playing are just a few of exciting activities your toddler will enjoy daily. The love provided to your toddler will set the foundation for the rest of her development.   

Committed to Enhancing Skills

At our daycare, quality is demonstrated by our commitment to enhance the developmental skills of your toddler.   These skills range from language, gross/fine motor, cognitive, social/emotional, and independence skills. 

Planning to Meet Your Child’s Needs

We monitor your child’s development in 38 different areas with the assessment tool Teaching Strategies Gold. This tool permits the lead teacher to develop plans to your child’s individual needs.

Supporting Great Strides In Self Help

Toddlerhood is the time when your baby begins to grow into a tiny person and begins to show a desire for independence. The toddler teachers support your child’s urge for independence by being supportive to your toddler when using spoons and cups, carrying toys, cleaning up an area, dressing and using toddler size furniture.

Stimulating Learning Centers

Each room is equipped with organized learning centers that stimulate the toddler’s mind. To help satisfy the egocentric personalities of toddlers, an ample amount of toys are available at all times to the children.

Literacy Enriched Environment

Your little one will be thrilled with the toddler-sized library, charts and graphs, standard print models, and dictation hanging at their eye eye level.  These tools, in addition to others, also encourage language development. You will notice your child beginning to say single words to represent basic objects, people, and actions.

Child Directed, Teacher Supported, Intentional Teaching

Our curriculum is based off a learning progression, while understanding that learning develops unevenly.  This research-based Creative Curriculum, and our main assessment tool, Teaching Strategies Gold, fit together perfectly to support the teacher’s planning for your child’s development.

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Leading By Example, From The Heart

Conscious Discipline is an award winning, evidence-based Social Emotional Learning program developed by Dr Becky Bailey.  This social emotional program requires a paradigm shift from our tradition ways of discipline and requires the adult to reflect on their current emotional state, and download calm prior to disciplining others.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes!  All staff have had a level 2 background screening, requiring fingerprints, a federal and state check, and an abuse background check. 

Yes and we offer annual renewal training to all our staff free of charge

You will need to provide diapers, wipes, a crib sheet, a blanket, and at least one full set of extra clothes.  Do not send anything that is valuable or sentimental to your child or family.

It is possible your child may cry at departure, especially the first few weeks.  This is normal and healthy.  To help ease separation anxiety, create a good-bye ritual with your child.  Always say good-bye and tell your child you will be back to get them. Do not linger around and do not leave without telling your child good bye.  This only increases anxiety in your child.  We are here to help you and your child through this challenging process.  In time, your child will be smiling and excited to arrive at school.

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and a pm snack which is included with your tuition.

This depends upon the amount of time your child attends each day.  Typically, we change all children at least once every two hours, and sometime more.  Always count on your child using at least 5 diapers and 25 wipes in a day.  Since we are group care, we may change your child more often than you do while at home.  Parents may supply diapers in bulk and your child’s teacher will let you know when you will need to replenish the supplies.

Parent communication is very important to us.  We have a parent communication app where we can share simple communication with you through the day, such as photos of your child, upcoming events, and a daily note. We also offer hand written notes and flyers on the parent’s sign-in book.   Parents are also welcome to call during the day to speak with an administrator.

what parents have to say

Excellent place very friendly teachers and they are very nice with my baby is 1 year and 6 months always keep him very clean and he likes the place that was the opposite from the new beginners on Jog Road he always cry and he was always not clean I’m glad that I found this place with my five year old he’s very happy with this place also.

Milton karaoke

My son now 3 has been attending Palm Beach Preschool since he was 6 months old. The teachers and staff are AMAZING.

Melissa B

Hi my name is Marie. I’ve had great experiences with Palm beach preschool, I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Marie Nadege

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