A Summer Full Of Adventure

Science Experiments, Games, Nature, And Play That Makes A Summer Of Lasting Memories

It's Summer Camp Time

Summer Camp is open to children aged 6 to 12 years, and we aren’t going to let Covid ruin the fun. We are staying safe while being entertained in fantastic ways. Take a look at some of the engaging activities we have done so far, and it’s only the first week!

Summer Camp Activities

Fun Relay Races Teach Children Teamwork And Focus

Your child participates in relay races that keep them physically active and moving healthily. They learn the importance of teamwork and how to compete to build confidence and independence that carries them through life.

A Challenging Obstacle Course Enhances Focus And Agility

Children conquer engaging obstacle courses that keep their brains ticking and strengthen their coordination. They use problem-solving skills to overcome challenging obstacles and share bragging rights while cheering their classmates on.

Science Experiments Bring Out Their Inner Innovator

Cool science experiments combine the essential science-based knowledge that prepares children for academic success and exciting trial and error that allows them to create and test hypotheses as they explore new concepts.

Acting Classes Promote Artistic Expression And Interpretation

Bring out your child’s inner performer with fun acting classes and talent shows guided by teachers who understand the importance of self-expression and performing arts. Children develop their personalities and learn about the different forms of storytelling.

Board Games That Teach Children Strategy With Friends

Children have access to a variety of board games that keep their minds sharp. They can play and compete with friends and use this time to apply the same skills they develop in the classroom while playing a fun game. 

Paint And Fun With Daily Arts And Crafts Time

Your child creates their very own masterpieces during arts and crafts sessions. They get to use their creativity and imagination and create new worlds with colorful tools and materials available to them each day.

Bring The Theatre To Them With Movie Days

Children love watching their favorite movies with friends for a chance to unwind and relax after working hard. Movies are always age-appropriate, and children sit back and watch in a safe environment.

Ice Cream And Pizza Parties Included In Tuition

Good behavior gets rewarded with ice cream and pizza parties! Children look forward to these fun and special days as a chance to relax and indulge a little with their friends. Plus, their tuition fee covers the treats, for one less thing to think about. 

Parachute Activities Have Your Child Flying High

Children love to make things fly, and they get ample time to do just that with parachute activities they love. Through teamwork and fun, they share the exercise with friends and see colorful parachutes soar under the supervision of responsible teachers.

The Garden Connects Kids With Nature

Children learn about the environment and nature through their part in maintaining a beautiful garden! They discover how to grow the fresh fruits and vegetables that make incredible meals, and they develop a sense of responsibility and care in the process.

With the onset of COVID

With the onset of COVID, we are practicing ways to decrease exposure to our campers. One way is to keep children stationed at our school. In place of off-campus field trips, we have developed fun, engaging, and learning based activities at the school.

Relay Races

Obstacle Courses

COOL Science Experiments

Acting It Out

Talent Shows

Board Games

Arts and Crafts

Movie Days

Ice cream and pizza parties

Parachute Activities



Covid Precautions

Due to Covid, our space is limited and spots are filling up quickly.

Daily temperature checks upon arrival for all staff and children

Daily screening questions for all families and staff

Very Limited visitors (must pass arrival screens, wash hands, and wear masks)

Additional handwashing throughout the day

More frequent cleaning of highly touched surfaces

Additional and highly enforced policies on illnesses with staff and children

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