Palm Springs

Little Blue Academy

Preschool & Daycare serving Palm Springs, FL.

2423 S. Congress Ave
Palm Springs, FL 33406


6:30 am - 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Little Blue Academy

Small classrooms in a “Cozy Home-Like” environment.

Exposure To Both The English and Spanish Language

Many of our teachers are native Spanish speaker, yet speak and read in English to the children. Our program immerses children in both languages, giving the children a head start in dual language within our diverse Florida population.

All Inclusive Tuition

We don’t believe in nickel and diming our customers. We offer a low registration fee which includes everything your child will need for the school year, including Food. NO Supply Fees, NO Book Fees, NO Activity Fees, NO Technology Fees, no packing a lunch!

Family Owned and Operated

Knowing that the owners are a local family who are actively involved in the operation of your child’s childcare center, may help bring peace of mind to that quality care is being closely monitored.

See more information about Ms Karla on our About Us page.

Quality Education

We don’t just speak the word “Quality”, we’ve been approved by outside organizations for the quality care demonstrated at our schools. We have been awarded an APPLE Accreditation, a Florida Gold Seal of Quality Care , and a Tier 1 Rating with Strong Minds

Whats Parents Say about "Little Blue Academy"

Sasha Marie
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My daughter goes here and loves everyone that is with her! She is beyond happy to go to school and leaps off of me / pushes down to run to her daycare ladies! It's not only affordable but it's a second home. I walk in and her doodles are hung up as well as her pictures!
Felicita Cabrera
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The staff is very friendly and they welcome you graciously. The children are quiet and calm. The staff is very professional. My child enjoys spending the day with his friends, and he gets along well with the teacher. His is in good hands. I pick him up with a smile on his face
Yenisey Betancourt
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Soy la mama de Kevin C., tengo del daycare la mejor opinión yo que los trabajadores del salón de mi hijo y fuera, del mismo se esmeran por llevar a cabo una labor ejempar con todos los niños ensenandoles y educándole con todo o amor y pasiencia, muchoas felicidades a todos.
E. Owens
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It is a relief to proceed everyday worry free, knowing that my daughter is not only safe, but in caring and loving hands, in addition to a learning and friendly environment.
Cienid Caraballo
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I enjoy having my children at Little Blue Academy because of the great service this childcare center provides. Great Hours! Great Teachers! My children are both bilingual. The after-school program is excellent. The activities with the children are very fun. I love Little Blue Academy!
Maynor G.
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My child has attended Little Blue Academy for 4 years. He is well taken care of. The teachers are very nice and make every child feel special. My child has transitions for the years in different classes. All the teachers are caring and friendly. Thank you Ms Maira, Ms Lourdes, Ms Alina, Ms Regla, and Ms Daymara for all your help and dedication. Ms Mary, Thank you also for all that you do!

Our Administrators

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Executive Director

Happy Director Ms Mary at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Palm Springs, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, FL