Welcome To The Warmth, Trust And Community Of Our “School Family"

All three of our brands, Palm Beach Preschool,
A Baby’s World, and Little Blue Academy, are owned and operated by the same local family.

Welcome To The Warmth, Trust And Community Of Our "School Family

All three of our brands, Palm Beach Preschool, A Baby’s World, and Little Blue Academy, are owned and operated by the same local family.

We Believe In Making Connections And Providing Calm,
Heart-Centered Guidance For Your Child.

This means being an integral part of their sense of feeling safe, loved and curious, while gently guiding them towards independence.  We know that calmly coming from our hearts, coupled with our passion for Early Childhood Education, will have a profound impact on your precious little one.  With this strong social/emotional foundation, your child’s learning can only blossom.

Our Core Values

Emotionally Supportive Environment




Quality Education

Emotionally Supportive Environment




Quality Education

Strong foundations are the key to Kindergarten readiness

Many of us want to see our child develop skills early, and to be exhibiting skills equal to or quicker than their peers.  However, faster development is not necessarily better.  We believe it is best for your child to develop a strong foundation of one skill before moving onto the next.

This will support a successful journey into Kindergarten and elementary school years.

Movement plays a
huge role in your child’s
brain development

We believe children’s learning is optimized through movement.  This stimulates their brain, which in turn helps them focus and sustain attention, and therefore learn better.  This is especially true for young children so we minimize long periods of time sitting still.

Monitoring development every step of the way

Most developmental skills occur in a hierarchical fashion, but with a window of what is considered normal. Some developmental windows are larger than others.  As early education experts, we monitor your child’s development with loving care and discuss any and all concerns with you on a regular basis.   

Our accredited program means peace of mind for you

Our schools are accredited by APPLE Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment, and we are a Florida Gold Seal Recipient.  We are also a part of Strong Minds Network, a voluntary program in Palm Beach County for childcare centers who believe in providing quality care every day!

Daily Parent Communication, both Digitally and the Old Fashioned Way

Parent communication is very important to us.  We have a digital parent communication app where we can share simple communication with you through the day, such as photos of your child, upcoming events, and a daily note. We also offer hand written notes and flyers on the parent’s sign-in book.   Parents are also welcome to call during the day to speak with an administrator.

Teachers love it here, so your child will have a richer, more stable learning experience

Parents tell us all the time that our staff turnover is lower than most other daycares in the area.  We pride ourselves on treating teachers well and giving them great opportunities for professional development, incentives and benefits, and a warm team environment.  

All this translates to more classroom stability for your child, rather than a “revolving door.”

what parents have to say

We are truly blessed to have our daughters in this school. Everyone is great! Thank you for being the BEST!!!

Vhisia Ramirez

I love that the teachers are friendly and always have a great attitude. When my child(ren) is (are) having a hard time with me leaving, I like that they help make my child feel safe and comfortable. The classrooms are always very decorative and my child(ren) learn something new everyday!

Brandie Claudio

My son has been coming to this school since he was 8 months old at A Baby’s World and now he is in VPK. I would not have it any other way. We love our school, the teachers, and all the staff. Keep up the great work. You guys are amazing.

Rosalia Ore

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Our Programs

6 weeks to 12 months
12-24 months
(must be 4 by September 1st)
(Kindergarten-12 years)
(Kindergarten-12 years)