Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is available to all children, who turn four by September 1st of the current school year. It is a FREE 540 hour (school year) or 300 hour (summer) program for all Florida Resident children regardless of a family’s income. VPK was designed to prepare children for kindergarten and help set the foundation for life- long learning.

At Palm Beach Preschool, we offer the 540 hour VPK program. Our program incorporates learning in the areas of phonological awareness, alliteration, syllable segmentation, one to one correspondence, patterning, and classifying. These are just of few of the pre-math and pre-reading skills that are taught during our VPK year. Furthermore, our program is designed to enhance the child’s social-emotion skills, gross & fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and the child’s overall approaches to learning.

Our curriculum is Frog Street, which is a researched based curriculum and an approved curriculum for the Florida VPK program. The children in our program learn with hands on experiences. Children at this age level do not have the ability to learn with abstract techniques, such as ditto type worksheets. You will never find Dittos here! We use concrete experiences to teach the children the foundations of reading and math.

Assessing and tracking the child’s growth in all areas of development along with appropriate educational planning is key to educational success. In addition to the use of Creative Curriculum, our school uses Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment, the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Assessment, and a wide variety of other school-created assessments, to assist the teacher with program planning for each individual child.

For more information on our curriculum, visit www.frogstreet.com or www.teachingstrategies.com. For more information on the Florida VPK program, visit www.elcpalmbeach.org or www.floridaearlylearning.com.

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