One year olds develop skills rapidly. You will see your child develop an enormous amount of skills right before your very eyes. All children achieve developmental milestones at a different time, in a different way, and in a different order. However there are certain skills and expectations that most one year olds will achieve before their next birthday.

  • Expressive and receptive language skills expand at this time. You will notice your child beginning to say single words to represent basic objects, people, and actions. Don’t be alarmed if you are the only one who can interpret what is being said. Many times parents need to interpret for other people. Additionally, you will notice your child beginning to follow simple one-step directions. At first children need concrete visual cues and sometimes the assistance of the caregiver to follow a direction, but before you know it, your child will be doing it independently.
  • You will notice their cognitive skills developing when you see your child figuring out how something works. It could be getting a toy to pop-up, fitting a shape into a shape sorter, or learning how to unlock the baby-proof gate.
  • Tantrums are a sign that your toddler is developing social-emotional skills. Tantrums are a normal part of development and are to be expected. Toddlers are learning how to manage their emotions. You will notice tantrums peaking when your child is hungry, tired, or angry.

At A Baby’s World, busy toddlers find enjoyment in our large open classrooms. Each room is equipped with organized learning centers that stimulate the toddler’s mind. To help satisfy the egocentric personalities of toddlers, an ample amount of toys are available at all times to the children. Language and gross motor skill development flourish at this time and our environment sets the tone for their growth. Outside time is offered twice a day to the children. Music, art, and sensory activities are offered daily to the children inside their classrooms. Our environment is literacy enriched with a toddler size library, charts and graphs, standard print models, and dictation, hanging at the child’s eye level. To help promote independence skills, toddler sized furniture and eating utensils are available to each child. Midway through their busy day, naptime is provided with soft classical music playing to sooth the children to sleep.

Our curriculum, Creative Curriculum, is researched based and directs the teacher to provide the children with hands-on experiences. Our teachers use the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment, which correlates with Creative Curriculum, to guide their instruction for each child on an individual basis. For more information on our curriculum, please visit our curriculum page or log on to

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