Three Year Old

“I’m A Big Kid Now” is the mindset of a 3 year old. Three year olds are fine tuning their development in the areas of physical, language, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

  • Physically, they are becoming masters at running, climbing, catching, throwing, and pedaling. Their fine motor skills improve in the areas of pinching, tearing, scribbling, drawing, and cutting.
  • They are beginning to speak in full sentences, however mom and dad may still need to interpret their message to an unfamiliar listener. Vocabulary development soars during this time and the excessive use of the infamous “WHY” questions begin to emerge.
  • They are becoming experts at completing simple puzzles, and can complete simple sorting activities. Three year olds are able to attend longer to a task, and while listening to a story, especially if an adult is nearby and engaged in the play. But don’t get too excited! When compared to an adult’s attending skills, their attention is still relatively short.
  • This is the age when children start to have friendships. Playing with other children, taking turns, and seeking an adult for help are areas of social-emotional development that are beginning to emerge.

At Palm Beach Preschool, three year olds take part in more structured activities related to pre-reading and pre-math skills such as a formal circle time, small group instruction, webbing, and class story creations. To help satisfy the 3 year old’s curiosity, teachers provide activities with cause and effect relationships, problem solving, and vocabulary explanations. Center time is a great time for children to develop the social-emotional skills and cognitive skills with direct and indirect teacher assistance. While our playground is an area for the children to develop their gross motor skills and burn-off some of the energy they have been accumulating throughout the day.

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