Vision Statement

For all young children to have a solid developmental foundation necessary for future learning.


Mission Statement

To create a partnership with the child's primary caregivers, while providing an emotionally supportive and safe environment, with ECE professionals who are determined, motivated, and passionate about children's learning and well being, and who thirst for knowledge on the latest research in the ECE industry, while reflecting upon their past experiences for continuous improvement.


Our Goal

  • Children who have a love of learning
  • Children who can provide positive social/emotional skills to others
  • Children who can handle emotional disrupt constructively
  • Children who are confident to let their uniqueness shine
  • Children who can think critically for reasoning and problem solving
  • Children who have progressed through a developmental continuum in the areas of social/emotional, gross/fine motor, cognition, language, literacy, and math for future learning success


We Believe:

  • We believe children need to feel safe and loved before learning can begin.
  • We believe social/emotional development is a precursor to all learning.
  • We believe children learn best through play.
  • We believe children's learning is optimized through movement.
  • We believe all children are unique with their own strenghts, and each develop differently at different rates.