Parent Reviews

My son has been coming t this school since he was 8 months old at A Baby's World and now he is in VPK. I would not have it any other way. We love our school, the teachers, and all the staff. Keep up the great work. You guys are amazing.

- Rosalia Ore

I love this school because they are nice and clean and my children are very open and happy.

- Gloria Montalvan

Me gusta mucho traer a mi hijo a esta escuela por que los maestros son muy buenos y responsables. Y me siento segura dejando a mi bebe por que se que queda en buenas manos y lo lindo es que mi bebe esta muy feliz por que tiene muchos juguetes para jugar.

- Janeth Contreras

Very kind Professional Service and friendly caregivers; Very well run daycare facility and they help with child growth and development

- Samuel Sanabria

I love that the teachers are friendly and always have a great attitude. When my child(ren) is (are) having a hard time with me leaving, I like that they help make my child feel safe and comfortable. The classrooms are always very decorative and my child(ren) learn something new everyday!

- Brandie Claudio

We are truly blessed to have our daughters in this school. Everyone is great! Thank you for being the BEST!!!

- Vhisia Ramirez

My granddaughter Elizabeth has been going to Palm Beach Preschool for 6 1/2 years. It feels like home to her and I know she is happy and safe while I'm at work. The staff are friendly and professional and the school is always clean. I love Palm Beach Preschool.

- Sherry Skinner

Me gusta que mi hijo venga a la escuela por que se divierte mucho y se que esta bien cuidado. Los maestros son muy amable y me siento segura dejandolo aqui. Yo me voy tranquila a mi trabajo.

- Janeth Contreras

A Baby's World was the best decision I made for my child. The school's friendly teachers and warm atmosphere has made my daughter's daycare experience a great one! My daughter has been there over a year and she absolutely loves it!

- Ma'Ziyah's Mom

Good School.

- Suzanne Vilme

"I love Palm Beach Preschool because they take good care of my children and I know my kids are happy there. I love the open communication I have with the entire staff. It's not just business it's personal. They truely care about me and my family."
- Tracy Diaz

"My daughter has been at this school since she was 8 months old, she is now 9 years old. I couldn't ask for a better place."
- Marisol Navarrete

"It is a safe place and feels like a family. My son has fun all of the time."
- Claudia Caro

"Palm Beach Preschool is a fantastic school. All of the teachers and staff are friendly and my children learn with hands on assignments. I recommend this school to everyone."
- Wanda Basham

"This school is bilingual. That is good for all parents and kids because they don't loose their primary language."
- Maria F. Verde

"Great school! Great Teachers! Very attentitive to my children's needs. They always follow up with any questions or concerns that I have"
- Amber Van Camp

"My kids have been coming to Palm Beach Preschool for the past two years and they love, love, love the staff. Most of all it's summer camp, they always come home talking about how they enjoyed all the activities and fun places they visited."
- Angelica Cruz

"Excelente servicio un ambiente familiar donde mi nina se sigente libre, feliz y sejura!"
- Pisurki Rodriguez

"What I like about the school if that if anything is wrong with my son, they call me right away. My son enjoys going to school here."

- Enel Dorcius August 2016

"Palm Beach Preschool is a family, from A Baby's World to start to VPK, they are terrific!"
- Linda Brixner August 2016

"Strongly recommend! My daughter has been there for 2 years & they treat her like she is their own."

- Tiyler Scharmer August 2016

"I really love being able to not just bring my kids to school but bring them to a school where I feel that all the staff cares about is my family and are willing to step in anyway they can to help. Thanks Palm Beach Preschool!"
- Nichole Hostick August 2016

"I love how personally invested the teachers and staff are, not only to the child but the entire family."
- Carleen Shepard August 2016

"Even thought my daughter has a main teacher, the teachers rotate their duties throughout the day so everyone knows my daughter. I love that! Palm Beach Preschool strives to make their school a loving community and enriches childrens' experiences with so many activities."
- Andrea Lange August 2016

"They are great teachers and they are always busy teaching the children something. They are all working on contiuning their education beyond the 45 hours from DCF. Each and every day they bring the best to their children. My son Diego started coming to Palm Beach Preschool when he was 2 years old and can now understand and speak English and Spanish."
- Ruth Ramos August 2016

"My daughter has been at your school since she was 4 months old. I love how your school cares for my daughter and how they teach her. I love that the staff is very patient with the children."
- Lucia Figueroa August 2016

"Friendly staff, family oritented, responsible, organized, well kept school. The teachers are fantastic with all the kids."
- Martha Alejandra August 2016