Our Core Values


Our Core Values


At Palm Beach Preschool and A Baby's World,

we value the above qualities in

our administration, staff, and parents, while teaching them to our students.


Emotionally Supportive Environment:  Each of us need to feel safe, loved, and valued to function optimally in our environment.


Respect:  Respect between parents, teachers, administration, and students fosters peace, kindness, self-awareness, and productive communication.


Trust: The foundation of our business relies upon trust between parents, teachers, administration, and students.  Trust is built upon honesty, integrity, transparency, confidentiality, and results.


Fun:  Laughter and playful situations incorporated into the day fosters community, connection, happiness, optimizes learning, and creates lasting memories.


Quality Education:  Education received by an adult, which is provided to a child, sets the foundation of life-long learning.  Keeping abreast on the latest research in Early Childhood Education and positive parenting is key to the future success of our children.