A Baby’s World

Our infants and toddlers enjoy a tranquil yet stimulating environment to promote the health and well-being of babies. Parents are kept informed of their child's day through daily notes sent home. For security purposes, each parent is given an individual code, which opens a locked door for entrance into the building. We have an open door policy, which permits visitation, drop offs, and pickups at any time of the day. Phones are located in each classroom which permits you to call and speak with your child's caregiver at anytime of the day. Daily meals, snacks, and formula (one brand), are provided to all students, regardless of income, if the parents chooses.

The infants are on an "on demand" schedule. They are fed when they are hungry, and they sleep when they are sleepy. The student/teacher ratio in this room is 1:4. The room is divided into areas, which define the space of the room. Areas are set aside for playtime, sleep time, and feeding time. A variety of toys are provide to help sooth, comfort, and build strength in all the babies. Starting at age two and going through age twelve, children can enjoy the benefits of what this school has to offer.

The toddlers enjoy a more engaging environment that lets them enjoy their new developmental skills such as walking and talking. Our toddler room is divided into four main areas: gross motor, fine motor, literacy, and feeding. We begin to teach the toddlers independent skills such as self feeding, making friends, helping teachers, etc. We work on expanding and enhancing their language skills, while building literacy skills. We encourage the children to develop their large and small muscles in a safe secure way. We have a student teacher ratio of 1:6 in this room.

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